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       Dental amalgam mercury fillings are the greatest source of mercury for the adults who have them. DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions) is a leading non-profit group educating the public on this issue in the US and Canada. While the dental amalgam filling, which is half mercury, has been banned in Norway and Sweden, in the USA, the American Dental Association and the FDA continue to defend the use of the amalgam mercury filling, despite the clinical evidence of harm caused by amalgams and the heavy weight of scientific studies that show that amalgams expose patients to unacceptably large amounts of mercury and tend to harm health. We have many books and scientific papers documenting the hazards of mercury and of amalgam fillings.

        Amalgam filling removal needs to be done with elaborate protections in order to prevent further mercury exposure problems. Most dentists are not equipped and trained to do amalgam removal with the needed protections. We can provide you with an information guide that discusses the needed precautions; this guide can help you select a qualified dentist in your area for safe, proper replacement of your amalgam fillings. Our information guide also covers other important topics such as choosing “best choice” replacement materials, safe detoxification methods, the potential hazards toxic crowns, and of root canaled teeth (which are dead teeth that are prone to infection), fluoride and other health pitfalls relating to dentistry.

        Dental amalgam fillings act as a time-release poison – the poison being mercury. The other metals in amalgam, namely copper, tin, silver and zinc also have some toxicity in their elemental forms, adding to the hazard of amalgam. Early symptoms of amalgam / mercury toxicity include fatigue, low thyroid function (sluggishness, weight gain, loss of sex drive, rough skin, weakened immunity, and more), and depression (including anxiety, panic attacks, shyness, irritability, unprovoked anger). Mercury and mercury amalgams tend to promote fungal yeast infections, which can show up as indigestions and bloating, ear and sinus infections, vaginal yeast infections, toenail fungus, psoriasis, brain fog, short-term memory problems. While all of these problems tend to show up more in the middle years, they are increasingly common among college student populations and even sometimes are seen in children. Rarely will a physician think to ask what kind of fillings have been placed in the patient’s teeth and, in ignorance (since they didn’t learn about mercury poisoning in medical school), may even scoff at the patient who expresses concerns about mercury poisoning from dental amalgam fillings. They shouldn’t scoff – they should learn the science of amalgams and mercury poisoning and start being more helpful to these patients wanting to address the fundamental causes of their health problems. 

         Ask us for an “information packet” to help further orient you as to where you might go and what you might do to address your dental – health issues. We are a non-profit group and can send this out to you on request. Included in your info packet will be a list of knowledgeable dentists in your state who are able to replace amalgams safely.  Your list will be zip code sorted (postal code sorted within a Canadian province) so you can more easily find the ones in your area. Along with your list or lists, you will also receive a 20 page Dental Health Guide that discusses many issues: the amalgam problem (signs and symptoms); safe amalgam removal; dental material choices for fillings, crown and other possible needs; root canals and why they are a concern; proper tooth extraction; what to replace a missing tooth with; detoxification and recovery from heavy metal poisoning; and water fluoridation and other fluoride dental and health questions. This information guide and accompanying list is a must-have information “packet” that arms you with much practical knowledge for navigating you way to better dental health and over-all health.  This packet is not currently available by e-mail (sorry!), so please provide your name and mailing address when you call or e-mail us with your request. We also publishes a periodic newsletter, Dental Truth.      

To request the above Information Packet, please call DAMS directly at 1-651-644-4572 or e-mail DAMS at dams@usfamily.net and provide your mailing address. Note, for this e-mail address, that the letters following the @ sign are usfamily, and do not accept any corrupted version of that simple spelling.  You may go to our other web site, www.amalgam.org, for more information about DAMS and the dental-health issues.

       Our mailing address is:     DAMS     1043 Grand Ave, #317     St Paul MN 55105    USA

       Books and DVDs on dental mercury, fluoride or other dental-health topics may be purchased from DAMS by calling or e-mail to the DAMS office (shown above). The office has a sizable selection of original scientific papers as well as books and DVD videos on these topics.  

  *   DAMS is a 501©(3) tax exempt educational organization, founded in 1990. Contributions to DAMS are tax deductible.  

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